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Lancia Classiche
by Epoca Ricambi

Lancia Specialists: From Maintenance to Restoration, in
Exclusive Collaboration with FCA Heritage.

Specialist Services

You can entrust your classic Lancia to this skilled team. Epoca Ricambi is an expert in the restoration and maintenance of classic Lancia’s, from the 1930s to the funky ’80s. In its history, Epoca Ricambi has restored and serviced numerous cars and delivered quality and joy to the car owners. In 2018 Epoca Ricambi successfully completed the restoration of a Lancia B24 Spider, to original specifications. Certification from FCA Heritage awarded the result with the maximum score of 100%. An honour for the client, the car and the Epoca Ricambi team.

With clients from all over Europe, the goal is to further grow the Lancia specialization.  Nevertheless, they also like working on other Italian brands.

How it started


The preparation of rally cars and trucks for Paris-Dakar really took off in the '80s with work for privateers and car brands. In the same time, the love for classic cars and for Lancia came stronger. And as a result,  at the end of the '80s, the choice was made to focus solely on the servicing and restoration of Italian classic cars.

In 2009 the company name changed to Epoca Ricambi to express and emphasize the link with Italian cars.

Upon his return, Mercedes Belgium had noticed his skills and asked to continue preparing Mercedes. Even though he was still a student, the challenge was accepted and Jean-Pierre set up his company “Vermer 4X4 Racing sprl”. The intention was to combine studying and working. But work took over, and his company grew.


Even though he was preparing Mercedes, his car of choice was a Lancia Flavia.
The interest in Lancia came from a great uncle who lived in Milan and from whom he had received a Lancia Flavia Miniature at the age of 10.

Lancia Flavia Epoca Ricambi Restorations

Jean-Pierre Vermer  (born in 1958) is founder and owner of Epoca Ricambi.
He finished his high school studies as Technician A2 with a speciality in Thermal Engines. During his high school, he spent a year in Oxford's at St. Clare's Hall for an International Baccalaureate. After which he studied for 3 years at the European University in Antwerp.

In his second year in Antwerp, he put together a team with 3 friends to prepare 3 Mercedes for the 1982 Paris Dakar rally raid. Because of his technical skills, Jean-Pierre was responsible for preparing the cars. The friends did a good job and all the cars arrived safely in Dakar.

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