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FCA Heritage Certification

🏆 Epoca Ricambi's Exclusive Collaboration with FCA Heritage 🏆

Interclassics Brussels ~ November 2023

The team at Epoca Ricambi proudly announces its exclusive collaboration with FCA Heritage, a division of Stellantis. This partnership establishes Epoca Ricambi as the first European workshop authorized to certify classic Lancias, adhering to the standards of FCA Heritage.

Founded in the 1980s, Epoca Ricambi's commitment to the Lancia brand has been showcased in the restoration of various Lancias, which FCA Heritage has awarded the highest honour. This recognition affirms our status as renowned specialists in restoring classic Lancias. This collaboration aligns with FCA Heritage's mission to preserve its Italian automotive heritage, offering exceptional services to classic car enthusiasts.

The collaboration between Epoca Ricambi and FCA Heritage includes the certification of restoration projects, ensuring the highest quality. Epoca Ricambi, building on Lancia's tradition of class and innovation since 1906, is dedicated to continuing this legacy.

Epoca Ricambi invites enthusiasts and owners of classic Lancias to contact us for more information and to participate in this unique process, where professionalism and passion are central. In doing so, we preserve the history and allure of classic Lancias for future generations. Contact us today to enjoy this extraordinary service.


📂 Download the entire text in PDF. 

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